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Haynes Chevy Pick-ups Repair Manual Manuals & Books : Repair Manuals
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Haynes Chevy Pick-ups Repair Manual
Weight: 2.0

Chevrolet & GMC Pick-ups Haynes Repair Manual

With a Haynes manual, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs. Haynes writes every book based on a complete teardown of the vehicle.

Part No: 24065
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$24.95  EA
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$19.95  EA
Special Notes
We learn the best ways to do a job and that makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for you. Our books have clear instructions and hundreds of photographs that show each step. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can save big with Haynes!
Step-by-step procedures
--Easy-to-follow photos
--Complete troubleshooting section
--Valuable short cuts
--Color spark plug diagnosis
Complete coverage for your Chevrolet & GMC Pick-ups (see years covered):
--Routine maintenance
--Tune-up procedures
--Engine repair
--Cooling and heating
--Air conditioning
--Fuel and exhaust
--Emissions control
--Suspension and steering
--Electrical systems
--Wiring diagrams

MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
ChevroletBlazerV85.71992 - 1994GAS0FI
ChevroletC1500 PickupV85.01988 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletC1500 PickupV85.71988 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletC1500 PickupV87.41991 - 1993GAS0FI
ChevroletC1500 PickupV64.31996 - 1998GAS0FI
ChevroletC1500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletC2500 PickupV85.01988 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletC2500 PickupV85.71988 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletC2500 PickupV87.41991 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletC2500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletC2500 SuburbanV87.41992 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletC3500 PickupV85.71988 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletC3500 PickupV87.41988 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletK1500 PickupV85.01988 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletK1500 PickupV85.71988 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletK1500 PickupV64.31996 - 1997GAS0FI
ChevroletK1500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletK2500 PickupV85.01988 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletK2500 PickupV85.71988 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletK2500 PickupV87.41991 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletK2500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletK2500 SuburbanV87.41992 - 1999GAS0FI
ChevroletK3500 PickupV85.71988 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletK3500 PickupV87.41988 - 2000GAS0FI
ChevroletTahoeV85.71995 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV64.31988GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV85.01988GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV85.71988GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV85.01989 - 1997GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV85.71989 - 1997GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV64.31996 - 1997GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV64.31998GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV85.01998 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCC1500 PickupV85.71998 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCC1500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV64.31988GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV85.01988GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV85.71988GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV85.01989 - 1993GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV85.71989 - 1998GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV87.41991 - 1998GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV85.01996 - 1997GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV85.71999 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCC2500 PickupV87.41999 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCC2500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCC2500 SuburbanV87.41992 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCC3500 PickupV85.71988GAS0FI
GMCC3500 PickupV87.41988GAS0FI
GMCC3500 PickupV85.71989 - 1997GAS0FI
GMCC3500 PickupV87.41989 - 1997GAS0FI
GMCC3500 PickupV85.71998 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCC3500 PickupV87.41998 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCJimmyV64.31992 - 1994GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV64.31988GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV85.01988GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV85.71988GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV85.01989 - 1998GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV85.71989 - 1998GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV64.31996 - 1997GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV85.01999GAS0FI
GMCK1500 PickupV85.71999GAS0FI
GMCK1500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCK2500 PickupV64.31988GAS0FI
GMCK2500 PickupV86.21988DIESEL0FI
GMCK2500 PickupV85.01988 - 1993GAS0FI
GMCK2500 PickupV85.71988 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCK2500 PickupV87.41991 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCK2500 PickupV85.01996 - 1998GAS0FI
GMCK2500 SuburbanV85.71992 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCK2500 SuburbanV87.41992 - 1999GAS0FI
GMCK3500 PickupV85.71988 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCK3500 PickupV87.41988 - 2000GAS0FI
GMCYukonV85.71995 - 1999GAS0FI

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