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97-10 Jeep Jet V-force Plus Performance Module Electronics & Electrical : Performance Modules
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97-10 Jeep Jet V-force Plus Performance Module
Weight: 1.6

97-10 Jeep Jet V-force Plus Performance Module

Part No: 68030
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$349.95  EA
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$262.46  EA
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Special Notes
  • JET V-Force Plus Performance Module is designed for the performance enthusiast that wants improved performance, acceleration and the ability to monitor vehicle information.
  • Designed around a 20mhz RISC processor the V-Force Plus optimizes ignition advance and fuel maps for optimum horsepower and driveability.
  • In addition the V-Force Plus allows the user to select from 14 different screens to monitor Throttle Position, Mass Air Flow, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Economy and Air/Fuel Ratio.
MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
JeepCommander SportV63.72010GAS FI
JeepGrand CherokeeL64.02002GAS0FI
JeepGrand Cherokee LaredoL64.02002GAS0FI
JeepGrand Cherokee LaredoV63.72010GAS FI
JeepGrand Cherokee LimitedL64.02002GAS0FI
JeepGrand Cherokee LimitedV63.72010GAS FI
JeepLibertyV63.72004GAS FI
JeepLiberty LimitedV63.72002 - 2007GAS0FI
JeepLiberty LimitedV63.72002 - 2010GAS FI
JeepLiberty LimitedL42.82005DIESEL2768FI
JeepLiberty LimitedV63.72008GAS0FI
JeepLiberty RenegadeV63.72003 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepLiberty SportV63.72002 - 2003GAS0FI
JeepLiberty SportV63.72002 - 2010GAS FI
JeepLiberty SportV63.72004GAS0FI
JeepLiberty SportL42.42005GAS0FI
JeepLiberty SportV63.72005 - 2007GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL64.01998 - 2001GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL42.51998 - 2001GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL42.52000 - 2001GAS0FI
JeepWrangler RubiconL64.02003 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler RubiconV63.82007 - 2010GAS3778FI
JeepWrangler SaharaL64.01997GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SaharaL64.02002 - 2004GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SaharaV63.82007 - 2010GAS3778FI
JeepWrangler SEL42.51997GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SEL42.52002GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SEL42.42003 - 2006GAS FI
JeepWrangler SEL64.02006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SportL64.01997GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SportL64.02002 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler UnlimitedL64.02004 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler Unlimited RubiconL64.02005 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler Unlimited RubiconV63.82007 - 2010GAS3778FI
JeepWrangler Unlimited SaharaV63.82007 - 2010GAS3778FI
JeepWrangler Unlimited SportV63.82010GAS3778FI
JeepWrangler Unlimited XV63.82007 - 2010GAS3778FI
JeepWrangler XL64.02002 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler XV63.82007 - 2010GAS3778FI

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